Step 1: Create Inventory

To effortlessly add a new property listing to Realtorpin, simply navigate to the ‘Add Listing’ section on the main navigation bar. This can often be identified by a ‘+’ plus icon. Clicking on this icon will usually prompt a pop-up window to appear, presenting you with two options. Choose ‘Inventory’ to begin creating your new listing.


Step 2: Create Inventory

Streamline your listing creation by accurately selecting the following details:

  1. Listing Type: Choose between Sale, Rent, or Lease to communicate your property’s availability. This helps potential realtors to find exactly what they’re looking for by filtering search results based on their needs.
  2. Property Type: Once you’ve selected the listing type, you’ll be prompted to choose the specific type of property you’re listing. This could be anything from Residential, Commercial, Industrial, or even a Land space. Selecting the appropriate property type ensures your listing reaches the most relevant audience.
  3. Property Category: Depending on the property type you selected, a subcategory list will appear to further refine your listing. For example, if you’re listing a Residential, you might be able to choose from categories like House Apartments, Plots, or Farms House. Selecting the most accurate category helps potential renters narrow down their search and find properties that perfectly match their criteria.

Step 3: Create Inventory

  1. High-Quality Images: Showcase your property in its best light by uploading a variety of well-lit photos that capture different rooms, amenities, and any outdoor areas.
  2. Location: Select the exact location of your property.
  3. Price: Enter the suitable price to allow renters to assess if the property aligns with their budget quickly.
  4. Property Details:
      • Plot Number: Include any relevant plot number for easy reference.
      • Area: Provide your property’s exact square footage or meters to give realtors a clear idea of the size.
      • Bedrooms & Bathrooms: Specify the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to give renters a better understanding of the property’s layout and capacity.
  5. Additional Information:
      • Payment Status: Indicate whether rent is paid monthly, yearly, or with a different schedule.
      • Ownership Type: Specify if the property is freehold, leasehold, or another ownership type.

How to View Inventory

Step 1: View Inventory

Easily access and manage your listings on Realtorpin.

From the main dashboard, simply locate the ‘My Inventory’ section within the side navigation menu. Clicking on ‘Inventory’ will direct you to your dedicated ‘My Inventory’ screen. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive overview of all your current property listings, allowing you to conveniently edit details, add new photos, track interest, and manage the entire listing lifecycle in one central location.


Step 2: View Inventory

Dive deeper into individual listings and connect with agents.

Within the ‘My Inventory’ screen, simply click on a specific property listing to access its detailed view. Here, you’ll find a wealth of information about the property, including the photos, description, and key details you provided during creation. This detailed view often includes contact options for the agent who uploaded the listing. You can easily initiate communication by clicking on the ‘Share’ button to share the listing with others or by using the available ‘Call’ or ‘Chat’ functions to connect directly with the agent and ask any questions you may have.


How to Edit Inventory

Step 1: Edit Inventory

Within the main dashboard, navigate to the ‘My Inventory’ section on the side navigation menu. Clicking on “My Inventory” will take you to a dedicated screen showcasing all your current listings. This comprehensive overview allows you to conveniently edit listing details by clicking on “Edit and keep your information up-to-date according to your needs.


Step 2: Edit Inventory

Maintain accurate and up-to-date listings: Once you’ve selected a specific property listing from your ‘My Inventory‘ screen, clicking the ‘Edit‘ button will open a dedicated editing interface. Here, you can easily modify any aspect of your listing details, whether it’s the property description, photos, pricing, or other relevant information. Once you’ve made your edits and ensured everything is accurate, simply click the ‘Update Inventory‘ button to save your changes and ensure your listing reflects the latest property details.