How to Search Inventory

Step 1: Search Inventory

Easily access and manage your listings on Realtorpin.

From the main dashboard, locate the ‘Search Inventory’ section within the side navigation menu. Clicking on ‘Search Inventory’ will direct you to your dedicated ‘Search Inventory’ screen.


Step 2: Search Inventory

Browse all listings with ease! This screen gives you a complete view of everything available on the app. Need to scan through a large number of items quickly? Switch to the list view to see only the text descriptions of the inventories. This makes it easier to compare items and find what you’re looking for at a glance. Want to delve deeper? You can also explore the details of each inventory, including photos and descriptions. Plus, powerful filters let you narrow down your search results by category, price, condition, and more. Find what you need quickly and efficiently!

Search Inventory

Step 3: Search Inventory

Within the ‘Search Inventory’ screen, simply click on a specific property listing to access its detailed view. Here, you’ll find a wealth of information about the property, including the photos, description, and key details you provided during creation. This detailed view often includes contact options for the agent who uploaded the listing. You can easily initiate communication by clicking on the ‘Share’ button to share the listing with others or by using the available ‘Call’ or ‘Chat’ functions to connect directly with the agent and ask any questions you may have.